Macular Dystrophy
Types of macular dystrophies, new and upcoming treatments.
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Macular Dystrophy - Is There A Cure?

Welcome to! On this site you will find information about the eye diseases that cause the most feared disability - the loss of eye sight. You will find information about eye disease such as macular dystrophy, macular degeneration, and other macular diseases. The aim of the site is to first, help define and consolidate the terms that are used in the literature for the eye diseases, and, secondly, report on the symptoms of macular dystrophy and other diseases and macular degeneration causes. We finally present macular dystrophy treatment options and companies to watch for as they are developing the cures and the treatments for macular diseases.

Some eye diseases have no cures at this time and others have serious side effects. When the patient is well informed about the treatment options and their risks, they are better able to make a decision that they will later not regret.

In the following sections we will talk about definitions of macular eye diseases, types of macular diseases, and, finally, the present-day macular dystrophies treatments and cures.

What is macular dystrophy?

We will start with defining macula, which is the central part of the retina, the part that is responsible for our ability to focus on minute details through our central vision. Then we will continue by enlisting and discussing macular dystrophy symptoms. Find this information in the section What is macular dystrophy?

Eyesight degeneration types: From macular dystrophy to macular degradation

We will discuss various types of macular eye degradation, from juvenile macular dystrophy, to age-related macular degeneration, and also discuss the sub-types of these diseases such as dry age related macular degeneration AMD and wet AMD. You can find this information in the section on macular eye degeneration.

Is there a cure for macular dystrophy and macular degeneration?

In the section on what is macular degeneration we will finally present the best current cures and treatments for the macular eye diseases, and also point out the most promising of the up-and-coming macular disease treatments and even cures. Before submitting to a new treatment for macular degeneration, going in with the understanding of the risks is often a good idea. "Do no harm" as a first rule of medicine applies here. This especially applies to choosing among existing and upcoming treatments. Find the information on macular dystrophy treatments and cures in the section on macular eye degeneration.

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